King Edwards Horse Postcard
King Edwards Horse

(The King’s Oversea Dominions Regiment)

Uniform & Badges


The Uniform of King Edwards Horse

(The Kings Oversea Dominions Regiment, Special Reserve Cavalry) 1912.
This is taken from an article by Mr R.J. Smith for Military Modelling Magazine (date unknown), his description of the uniforms are the best reference I’ve found to date. Mr Smith association with the Regiment from the 1950s has been noted in the Old Comrades Bulletins.

Officers Full Dress
The head dress was known as the “Sombrero Hat” and was a light shade of drab felt. The wide brim, bound with drab silk, was not turned up at the left side but curled right round the edge; generally the grown was dented fore and aft; but this appears to have been optional. A scarlet silk puggaree made up of three deep folds was worn round the base. Inside the top fold, on the left was placed a plume socket from which was worn a long black cock’s feather plume, swept over the left side of the brim to reach the wearer’s left shoulder. The new 1911 pattern Regimental badge was placed in front on the puggaree.
The khaki serge tunic had a stand collar round which were two stripes of 3/4/in scarlet cloth with pointed ends at the front opening. Gilt regimental collar badges were worn. On the pointed cuffs were five stripes of 3/4/in scarlet cloth which followed the shape of the cuff and each had a gilt button at the top edges of the cuffs were piped scarlet. The front edge of the tunic was not piped and bore five gilt buttons; there was scarlet lancer piping in the back seams of the tunic and the shoulder chains were mounted on scarlet cloth backing. Badges of rank were gilt. Khaki overalls with double scarlet cloth stripes, black wellington boots and plated box spurs were worn with this kit.
The pouch belt was of 2 ½ in tan brindle leather, with gilt front ornaments consisting of a lion’s head holder with three chains and a whistle, the Regimental badge being placed between the chain holder and whistle. The pouch was of plain tan brindle leather with a rounded flap and bore a small “KC” badge in gilt. The sword slings, which were worn under the tunic, were of one-inch brindle leather and had square gilt buckles. Tan wrist gloves and a leather sword knot completed the uniform. (Note in 1913 a gold lancer pattern girdle with two crimson silk stripes was introduced.

Officers Mess Wear
The dark blue jacket had a ribbed scarlet silk rolled collar which bore small gilt Regimental badges; the cuffs were round rather than pointed and had four stripes of ¾ in scarlet cloth of equal length, without buttons. The shoulder straps were of blue cloth with a single stripe of ¾ in scarlet cloth down the centre and the badges of rank were in gold. A white Marcella waistcoat and shirt with a black bow tie were worn with this jacket.
Blue overalls with double scarlet cloth stripes, black wellington boots and dress spurs completed the Mess Dress.

Officers Undress
The undress uniform, worn mainly off duty at camp was a forage cap of dark blue cloth with a scarlet band bearing the Regimental badge in gilt, with piping round the crown seam and a black patent leather peak and chin strap, the chin strap held in place by two small gilt Regimental buttons. Field Officers having a gold embroided edge to their peaks; a blue surge frock (shoulder chains optional) with four patch pockets, five gilt buttons in front and one on each breast pocket, two buttons on each cuff. Gilt collar badges were worn; plain blue slacks with turn-ups and black ankle boots completed the undress.

Officers Service Dress
This was of the plain regular cavalry pattern.

Other Ranks Full Dress
A sombrero hat similar to that worn by the officers, but with a plume of rather shorter feathers, was worn with a tunic and overalls – also of the pattern worn by the officers. Leather bandoliers of the 50-round 1903 pattern were worn in lieu of the officers pouch belts. The NCOs’ chevrons were of gold lace on scarlet cloth backing; sergeants and above wore a regimental badge over the chevrons. Shoulder titles (K.E.H. over K.O.D.R. on a curve) in brass were placed on the shoulder chains. Black Wellington boots and box spurs were worn, but swords were not carried by the O.Rs. In 1913 a girdle of lancer pattern was introduced for wear with the Full Dress. It was similar to the officer’s girdle, but was made of web striped ¼ in. yellow, ½ in red, 1 in khaki, ½ in. red and ¼ in. yellow.

Other Ranks Walking Out Order
This was similar to the Full Dress except that, in place of the Sombrero, a khaki forage cap with scarlet band (no piping), dark brown leather peak and chip strap with brass buttons and a brass Regimental badge was worn. Tan leather gloves and whip were carried.

Other Ranks Mess Dress
A khaki jacket with scarlet silk roll collar bearing miniature Regimental badges was worn. The cuffs, which were khaki and pointed, had four stripes of ¾ in. scarlet cloth (no buttons) following the shape of the cuff; the waistcoat was khaki with three small gilt buttons; a white shirt and black bow tie. Overalls and wellingtons were as in full dress.

Other Ranks Service Dress
This was plain regular khaki kit.

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