King Edwards Horse Postcard
King Edwards Horse

(The King’s Oversea Dominions Regiment)

Honours & Awards

Distinctions Earned By All Ranks Of King Edward’s Horse During The War

The Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

Lieutenant-Colonel Lionel James
During an enemy attack he rallied and re-organised troops and put them in position with great skill, showing indifference to heavy machine-gun and artillery fire. His brilliant handling of his men checked the enemy's advance.

Major (Temp Lieutenant-Colonel) Edward William Hermon
Created a companion of the Distinguished Service Order for distinguished service in the field.

Major George Gray Russell
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in command of two squadrons attached to an infantry brigade during an advance. He frequently moved about in the foremost line directing reconnaissance work under heavy machine-gun fire, and when the right flank of the brigade was dangerously exposed he conducted a valuable reconnaissance with great skill and resource and cleared up the situation.

Major Ralph Donogan Furse
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during a hostile attack when he held for over five hours, 900 yards of a system with a hundred men and a weak company of infantry, ultimately withdrawing in good order, in spite of hand-to-hand fighting in the trenches. His skill and courage were most marked.

Awarded a Bar to the DSO
He handled the advance guard of the Corps mounted troops in a most skilful and dashing manner during the advance from Lille to the escaut on the 18th and 19th October, 1918. Under heavy machine-gun fire he turned the enemy's flanks and drove them out with the loss of one man killed and one wounded. he showed cool courage and able leadership throughout.


Military Cross (MC)

Lieutenant Richard Ernest Noel Twopeny
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in leading an officers patrol on two occasions. He carried out daring reconnaissances under the most difficult conditions and obtained information of the utmost value. He set a fine example of courage and initiative.

Awarded a Bar to the MC
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. His squadron leader and second-in-command having become casualties, he took command of the squadron and led them under heavy machine-gun fire to their objective, which he held until relieved on the following day. He showed conspicuous gallantry and great military ability in a very critical situation, his squadron having been caught by enemy machine-gun fire whilst still mounted.

Captain Basil Hastings Barber
For Distinguished Service in connection with military operations in France and Flanders

Lieutenant George Henry Havelock-Sutton
For distinguished service in connection with military operations in France and Flanders.

Lieutenant E. Gordon Linton
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in charge of a patrol sent forward to ascertain the situation and to gain touch with another division. He carried out his task with great judgement and dash, and without loss, though subjected to heavy machine-gun and rifle fire. His reports were most valuable.

Lieutenant Noel Goodricke Addison
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the defence of a village. He organised local counter-attacks when the enemy had penetrated into the position. It was largely due to his fine behaviour and leadership that these defences were held for three hours after the first penetration by the enemy

Lieutenant Leslie Palmer Moffat
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in occupying successive positions with a small party, and holding up superior numbers of the advancing enemy. He was untiring in his efforts, and in collecting stragglers and placing them in positions for further resistance. Throughout the operations his disregard of danger and fine example were most marked.

Lieutenant William Burnett McCulloch
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty at Maulde on 9th November, 1918. He covered the advance with his troop with good judgement, sending back useful information, and charging a party of twenty infantry, with his twelve men, he killed three and routed the remainder, shooting the leading man with his revolver.

Lieutenant Victor Rathbone
For distinguished service in connection with Military Operations in France and Flanders.

Lieutenant Ian Ramsay Boorthron Stein
In recognition of gallant and distinguished service in the Field, which have been brought to notice in accordance with the terms of Army Order 193 of 1919.

Lieutenant W. E. Gilbert
At Leuze on 9th November 1918, he led an independant reconnoitring patrol with skill and gallantry. After his horse had been shot under him, he lay out in the open continuing to observe the enemy, and was able to locate four enemy machine guns. He supplied valuable information, and his work was of great service to the Squadron. Also at Ath, on 11th November, he ably commanded his troop, which was acting as advanced guard to the Squadron.

Lieutenant Geoffrey Gordon Rich
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in defence of a post on the left, which he held with fifteen men and two Hotchkiss guns. Although turned and bombed, he retreated inwards and saved the trench system by a local counter-attack. Later, news arriving that the enemy were moving down to a bridge, he was ordered to gallop his troop there, and arriving simultaneously with the enemy, he attacked, drove them back, and re-established the bridgehead.


Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM)

381 Regimental Sergeant-Major Ernest  E  Bond.
For continued ability and devotion to duty during three years in France as squadron and regimental Sergeant Major. He has always shown a very fine example in the performance of his duties which he has carried out most efficiently. He has shown marked gallantry in action, particularly in the advance on St.Quentin in March 1917, at Cambrai in November 1917 and near Fosse in April 1918.

64 Squadron Sergeant –Major T Vincent
For distinguished services in connection with Military Operations with the British Forces in Italy.

775 Sergeant Reginald R Ewbank
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in the defence of posts, when the troop officer and senior sergeant had become casualties in hand-to-hand fighting. Although attacked by the enemy in force of about fifteen to one, he organised the defensive flank and held it for three hours. He showed magnificent courage and initiative in dealing rapidly with a succession of situations, each of which was critical.

Awarded a bar to the DCM
For very daring and successful patrol leading on 18th October, 1918, between Lille and Forest south of Roubaix. with a small patrol he galloped through the enemy's outpost line under machine-gun and rifle fire from posts on both sides of him, reconnoitred successively Fort de Babylone, Annappes and Ascq, being in contact with enemy cavalry all the time. later, having re-joined the squadron, he led a very dashing attack on a farm just west of Forest, which was holding up the advance, drove out a stronger party of Uhlans, and seized a bridge over the river Mareq. he showed great dash and initiative throughout.

841 Sergeant Edward Lovell Gladwish
For conspicuous gallantry and skill in patrol leading, when he led a dismounted patrol under heavy fire and gained important information. later, he repeatedly covered the retirement of parties and rallied stragglers. His courage and coolness was most marked.

723 Sergeant Edward H Blackburn
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during a retirement. He commanded a detachment of twenty men of his regiment which formed part of the rear guard. He rallied stragglers of other units on several occasions under fire and did much to restore confidence. throughout he behaved splendidly.

584 Sergeant H. R. S. Frodsham
For conspicuous gallantry at Maulde on 9th November, 1918, at dusk, being sent to identify a party of ten mounted men. He discovered them to be enemy cavalry. Though alone, he rode at them, firing his revolver, and on their galloping away, pursued them and took one man prisoner. On the 10th and 11th November he commanded his troop, handling it to the best advantage.

1221 Sergeant Leslie Leake
During the advance from Lille, up to the termination of hostilities he showed conspicuous gallantry and leadership on all occasions. On 18th October he led a most successful reconnoitring patrol to Babylone. On 9th November he was conspicuous in his leading, when some sixty enemy infantry with guns, ten Lewis guns and a Uhlan patrol were driven from Melles and several prisoners taken.

310 Corporal Langham D. Murray
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During the advance his troop became isolated from the main body, and was surrounded by the enemy when this NCO was sent with a message to report the situation to his commanding officer. He brought in his report after crawling through several enemy parties, and then volunteered to return and guide the troop back to the regiment. He again succeeded in making his way back through enemy parties, and finally guided back his troop. He carried through his task, which required great coolness and determination, in a very bold and courageous manner.

617 Lance-Corporal Charles  Edward  Victor  Macdonald
For valuable services rendered in connection with the war.

889 Private Victor Morgan
For gallant and valuable work with a Trench Mortar Battery, particularly during the fighting in front of The Quarries on 13th, 14th, 15th October, 1915, when he continued to serve the mortars of his battery throughout an intense bombardment.


Military Medal (MM)

1105 Corporal Edward Mc Cracken
Awarded bar to MM
For Defence of Vieille Chapelle, Huits Maisons and Fosse Bridgeheads 9, 10, 11 April 1918.

374 Sergeant William A. Kent
For command of an Independent Patrol to report on bridges at Maffle and Attre.10 November 1918.

855 Sergeant Richard  Henry Mugford
Cambai November 21st 1917. Information was required about the village of Anneux. Sgt Mugford was sent with a patrol. When approaching the village he was stopped by an infantry officer, who told him that it was impossible to go on. He, however, refused to stop and galloped on under hot fire. When near the village he dismounted and entered on foot with our infantry, who were storming it, found out the situation and came back to report verbally to General Buchanan. A cavalry staff officer who was present said, in all his experience, he had never heard a better verbal report. Sgt Mugford was awarded the Military Medal for this reconnaissance.

659 Sergeant Percy Bevan
For Defence of Vieille Chapelle, Huits Maisons and Fosse Bridgeheads 9, 10, 11 April 1918.

914 Sergeant William Hayhow

1034 Sergeant Edward  Henry  Jones
An Independent patrol of seven men, under Lieutenant Gilbert, was sent out to Leuze and Ath 10th November 1918....The independent patrol, however, made some progress. It had come under fire at Gallaix, and later near Leuze station. It returned with important information to the squadron just before dusk. Sergeant Jones had been severely wounded and had two horses shot.

1245 Sergeant George  R. Anderson

1220 Lance-Sergeant Edward Leake
October 1918, for having led six separate attacks during one day against enemy posts in a very dashing manner.

1278 Corporal Percy  J. McCormack

1401 Lance-Corporal Alfred Hutchins
October 1918; Lance Corporal Hutchins was sent to reconnoitre Pont-a-Chin but was driven back by infantry and machine-gun fire. They were immediately sent out again to try for Ramegnies Chin and brought back good information. Hutchins was awarded the Military Medal for the skill and pluck with which he led his patrol on this and on four occasions the previous day.

889 Lance-Corporal Victor Morgan DCM
For Defence of Vieille Chapelle, Huits Maisons and Fosse Bridgeheads 9, 10, 11 April 1918.

1555 Lance-Corporal Stanley James Payne
Cambrai Operations, December 1917.

1377 Lance-Corporal H. C. Krough
For local flanking attacks on the enemy about Chateau de Hem November 1918

679 Lance-Corporal Carl Frederick William Ross
Cambrai Operations, December 1917.

1350 Rupert Alfred Wentworth Vickers
1621 Aynsley C Fishlock
He charged with two others six of the enemy, with sword and took 4 prisoners. Later he alone charged three Germans who blew his helmet off at 10 yards range, unseated he engaged them with his rifle.

787 Trumpeter William S Bliss
For Defence of  Vieille Chapelle, Huits Maisons and Fosse Bridgeheads 9, 10, 11 April 1918.
Fosse Bridgehead 11 April 1918: “The last of these messages was brought right through the Boche lines by Trumpeter Bliss of King Edwards Horse. As he was hunted from pillar to post by the enemy, he was unable to say how he effected the almost impossible. He certainly bore a charmed life.”

1313 Private William P G Fitzgerald

1143 Private Charles F Reissland
For Defence of  Vieille Chapelle, Huits Maisons and Fosse Bridgeheads 9, 10, 11 April 1918.

13412 Private Albert D Hartle
For defence of  Vieille Chapelle, Huits Maisons and Fosse Bridgeheads 9, 10, 11 April 1918.
"My occupation of the farm-house brought machine gun fire upon us from 3 sides. I decided to withdraw to a less exposed position. Private Hartle of 'A' Squadron had secured a Lewis Gun, jetsom from a fleeing Portuguese. The gun was placed in position at a cross-roads covering the northern approaches. Hartle had just brought it into position, when a column of Boche marching in fours came tramping down the road. Sergeant Moir challenged them at ten yards, receiving no reply, Hartle emptied the drum of the Lewis Gun into them. The survivors tumbled into the ditches leaving a heap of writhing bodies upon the roadway. Private Grundy helped Hartle to remove the Lewis Gun, but as there was no more ammunition it was destroyed, and I withdrew my party, now numbering twenty-five men, to a fire-position further back.”

697 Private Thomas Henderson
For Defence of  Vieille Chapelle, Huits Maisons and Fosse Bridgeheads 9, 10, 11 April 1918.
“The commanding officer had asked Captain Creswick for a patrol to work up to Bout Deville, and then, if possible, to report the strength of the enemy there, via Major Furse. Corporal Lowe was chosen and he took with him Privates Smith and Henderson. Having decided that Bout Deville was held in force, and that the enemy were massing there, Corporal Lowe worked round to the rear of Les Huis maisons. At a conveniently sheltered spot he left Smith, and went on with Henderson to Major Furse. he received a written situation report from this officer, and then worked back to where Smith had been left. Smith had disappeared. The Corporal and his remaining file started to work back. They came under a concentrated fire from Bout Deville. The gallant Lowe was shot dead. Henderson, thought the spot was no place to halt in, remembered his training and calculated that the message was more important than his own life. He went back to his dead comrade, searched for, and found the message and personally delivered it to the commanding officer a few minutes later.”

1115 Private Stanley Ford
Savy, March 1917.

984 Private Herbert  J Cameron

1118 Private John Coleman
For Defence of  Vieille Chapelle, Huits Maisons and Fosse Bridgeheads 9, 10, 11 April 1918. In command of Lewis Gun at defence.
LG 12th June 1918.

1213 Private John Henry  Roberts
For Defence of  Vieille Chapelle, Huits Maisons and Fosse Bridgeheads 9, 10, 11 April 1918.


Meritorious Service Medal (MSM)

458 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant William Augustus Page

735 Sergeant Herbert J Cooper
LG 3 June 1918.

83 Sergeant Donald Trevor Roberts

385 Sergeant Leonard Walter King

873 Lance-Corporal Charles W Remmett


Mentioned in Despatches (mid)

Lieutenant-Colonel Lionel James, DSO (twice)
Major (Temp Lieut-Colonel) Edward William Hermon, DSO (three times)
Major Martin Foster Dick (twice)
Major George Gray Russell, DSO(three times)
Major John Norman MacDonald
Major Ralph Donogan Furse, DSO and Bar (twice)
Captain Fergus Graham Ling
Captain William Henry Dillon Bell
Captain Phillip D Stevenson (twice)
Lieutenant Donald Keith Cameron
Lieutenant Noel Goodricke Addison, MC
Lieutenant Hugh James Aitchison
L-13242 Regimental Sergeant Major Ernest Robert Hatton
44 Squadron Sergeant Major Herbert L Welch
853 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant Arnold A Laws
55 Sergeant John F Bennett
498 Sergeant Charles J Brookman
720 Sergeant Joseph C Bates
1178 Lance-Corporal Winston Ham
1114 Private Arthur Osborne


Foreign Orders and Decorations

The Crown of Italy (Officer)
Lieutenant-Colonel Lionel James
Decoration conferred by His majesty the King of Italy
LG 12 September 1918

French La Medaille Militaire
1220 Lance-Sergeant Edward Leake

French Croix de Guerre
Captain B. H. Barber
Decorations conferred by The President of the French Republic
LG 10 October 1918.
904 Sergeant W E Browne
1220 Lance-Sergeant Edward Leake
(unit history, no LG found)

Belgian Croix de Guerre
2nd Lieutenant Arthur Richmond Tutt
...A fine rain had now set in and it was becoming difficult to distinguish objects at any distance but at times there appeared to be movements of the enemy backward towards a line Bois de L Orival-Graincourt. There was also a lull in the fire from the front that possibly indicated a with-drawl of guns. The C.O. therefore determined to press attention in that direction. A patrol under Lieutenant Tutt made a determined effort to find a line through the enemy trenches to the north-east. It carried out its task with great courage and dash but only succeeded in establishing the fact that the enemy still occupied a strong and continuous line on the further edge of the slope. Although Lieutenant Tutt and his second in command, Sergeant Barry, were severely wounded they both made full and valuable reports before being removed from the field...
LG 12 April 1918.
1521 Lance-Corporal Tom  A Harley
618 Corporal Charles Perkins
1265 Lance-Corporal Ernest Valdrent Saunders

Belgian Decoration Militaire
982 Private John Ernest Lee Berkeley
LG 15 April 1918.

Roumanian Medaille-Barbartie St.Credinta 2nd Class
83 Sergeant Donald Trevor Roberts


Long Service and Good Conduct Medals

Imperial Yeomanry Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
(Kings Colonials Imperial Yeomanry)
271 Sergeant P. J. Audy
A.O. August 1908.
5 Private J. De Ballardie
A.O. November 1907
230 Private F. Hopkins
A.O. February 1908
177 Lance-Corporal F. Morley
A.O. August 1907
Territorial Force Efficiency Medal.
King’s Colonials Yeomanry (Edward VII Issue)
19 Sergeant C.P.C. Daniell
AO 10 – 1 January 1910 (page 5)
WO 372/24/115133
8 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant F.W. Gattey
AO 304 – 1 December 1908
WO 372/24/121249
3 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant W.V. Gattey
AO 78 – 1 April 1910 (page 6)
37 Corporal Herbert Temple
AO 163 – 1 July 1910.
9 Squadron Sergeant Major A.F. Wicksteed
AO 163 – 1 July 1910.
WO 372/24/158357
King Edwards Horse Yeomanry (George V Issue)
1 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant J.E.K. Bynoe
AO 107 – 1 April 1912
11 Sergeant W.Kennedy Bouch
AO 107 – 1 April 1912
24 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant J.E. Drennan
AO 234 – 1 July 1913.
4 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant Percy Alfred Ely
AO 107 – 1 April 1912.
13 Quarter Master Sergeant Daniel Fegan
AO 107 – 1 April 1912.
25 Farrier Quarter Master Sergeant W.H.Ford
AO 107 – 1 April 1912.
12 Sergeant J.C. Guillet
AO 107 - 1.4.12
22 Squadron Sergeant Major Harold Benjamin Lamb
AO 234 – 1 July 1913.
6 Lance Corporal H.H. Lavers
AO 107 – 1 April 1912.
26 Squadron Sergeant Major G.E.Lukey
AO 234 – 1 July 1913.
48 Lance Sergeant O.N. Martin
AO 107 – 1 April 1912
7 Sergeant J.C. Metcalfe
AO 107 – 1 April 1912.
1015 Lance Corporal R.G.Nickson
AO 8 – 1 January 1911
166 Corporal E.S.Smith
AO 9 – 1 January 1912.
15 Corporal F.H.Smith
AO 234 – 1 July 1913.
14 Trooper L.G.D. Smith
AO 234 – 1 July 1913.
My thanks to Alan Case (UK) for compiling the list of the TFEM awarded to the KEH.
Territorial Forces War Medal.
King Edwards Horse
1905 Private John R Charles
(issued 1942)
2084 Private Frederick H Flight
The roll of the TFWM indicates that the two abovementioned were entitled to the medal while attached / transferred to the King Edward’s Horse during WWI.
Special Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
(King Edwards Horse)
107 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant P. A. Aitchison
May 1921
279 Squadron Sergeant Major H. C. Calvert
July 1914
207 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant E. Cooper
April 1915
250 Shoeing Smith Corporal W. H. Fairbrother
April 1917
103 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant H. I. Freeman
April 1914
47 Farrier Sergeant E. A. Fuller
April 1917
28 Farrier Quarter Master Sergeant S. Fuller
April 1917
280 Sergeant Trumpeter L. Harrington
April 1917
30 Squadron Quartermaster Master Sergeant D. H. Jacobs
April 1917
117 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant L. C. Lewis
July 1916
105 Sergeant G. H. Pilch
A.O. 135 April 1915
112 Private B. J. Poole
May 1921
104 Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant W. A. Sanderson
April 1918
124 Sergeant Kenneth Stowford Williams
A.O. 135 April 1915