King Edwards Horse Postcard
King Edwards Horse

(The King’s Oversea Dominions Regiment)

Old Comrades Bulletin

Old Comrades

The King Edwards Horse had for many years an active Association of Old Comrades, who would hold an annual reunion – the last official reunion being held on 20th May 1972.

Although they continued to meet in an ‘unofficial capacity’, I was reliably informed the last member of the regiment to attend was 591 Trumpeter N.E.J. Masters.

The Old Comrades Bulletin was in existence from Issue 1 in 1933 through to Issue 39 in 1972, I have scanned all the original copies ( my thanks to Ruth Fielding sister of 201 Corporal Morris Glanville Fielding – later Captain MC, Ox & Bucks Light Infantry ).

On the nominal roll list you may find a notation such as ‘OCB’- this indicates a mention in the Old Comrades Bulletin.

Please feel free to inquire if you do see any mention of the OCB – I am very happy to send you a scanned copy of the page mentioned (yes… for free!) , if we are lucky it may contain some great information and perhaps even a photo.

Peter Nemaric