King Edwards Horse Postcard
King Edwards Horse

(The King’s Oversea Dominions Regiment)

C Squadron Pas De Calais 1919
500  Pte Gordon Offord Buxton KEH (England)
Australian Troop Watford 1914
4th Troop A Squadron Hunton Bridge 1915
Reserve Regiment Longford Ireland 1916
Hotchkiss Gun Team
C Squadron Watford 1914
456 Pte Reginald Wilson KEH (2nd Left) with Australians - Paris Leave
456 Pte Reginald Wilson KEH (Australia) back row left of the Tam O' Shanter - Paris Leave
456 Pte Reginald Wilson KEH (Australia) with 'Orace' Somewhere in France
789 Pte ( later Lieutenant) George Meikle KEH (Ireland) with 'Duke' Somewhere in France
B Squadron in Somewhere France
Hunton Bridge 1914
Lt R E N Twopenny (Australia)  with 'Tommy' 1919
Lieutenant Allan Wettenhall Lade’s mare ‘Swanee’…”The photo does  not do her justice by any means. She carried me through some jolly good stunts…please keep this  photo safe as may probably lose her. Strong as a bullock and tender as a lamb…Had her right through to the Armistice. A good horse that NEVER stumbled.
A Relaxing Picnic Scene at Watford in 1915 shortly before  the Regiment moved to Ireland…rumour has it that the Regiment was moved from  Watford in England to The Curragh in Ireland, not for any Military purpose but  to remove them from the local scene – ‘dashing’ Colonials being a distraction  for the local daughters of well to do retired Army Generals (with  connections)
Standing Lt D K Cameron (Australia)
A Squadron transport wagon
Stables early 1915 extreme right 775 Private later Sergeant  R R Ewbank DCM and bar (England)
Broadhead was a cartoonist for Vanity Fair when he joined the King Edwards Horse – in later years he became quite a well known artist sketching characters from the American West
KEH at St Omar 265 Sgt H. N. Davis Centre Front Facing Camera
KEH group in Canterbury 3 Aug 1914.jpg
Southampton leaving for the front on transport palm branch 21-4-1915
Letter Addressing The_Regiment after the Battle of 9 April 1918
Kings Colonials Machine Gun Section Dundonald-Carriage c1906
KEH possibly Ponzano Italy-early 1918
1917 1st Troop C Squadron
1914 Medical Parade
1914 Levesden-Green Waiting for Pay
1775 Pte S Hooper Reserve Regiment 1918
265 Sgt H N Davis.jpg